We believe that Life is Short, and that it is up to us to make it Sweet.  We have found that most business owners are a just a whisper away from the dreams and success they envisioned for themselves, that their business was supposed to bring them.

Our motto is “Create ACTION. Grow Profits. Love Life.”  We DO NOT just sell our clients what they want, but we make SURE to give them WHAT THEY NEED. We treat Marketing as a Science.

Advertising is merely a tiny piece of Marketing, and must be held accountable for its investment.  We treat the Marketting as a “whole”.

While most business owners underestimate the need for effective marketing, our motto is to help them realize that the difference between failure and success can come from something as minute as a change of one alphabet letter on a headline.

Proper Marketing Science can mean the difference between an advertisement bringing 45 qualified leads and 12 buyers VS only 2 buyers; for the same cash investment – what would fixing that mean for your business?  More importantly, what would the additional profits do for your family and your life?

A famous quote attributed to one of the Lever brothers says “Any fool can make soap.  It takes a clever man to sell it.”

In addition to making business more money, we believe passionately that the world runs on PROFITS. With profits, you can grow more; hire more; spend more; contribute to charity more; love life more.  Do the right thing and get as filthy rich as you possibly can, and let Imperial Action help you.  You’ll make the world a better place.

[We are also 100% convinced that the world would be a better place if you worked less, loved life more, and let your MARKETING do the heavy lifting for you.]


How can your marketing double, triple, or quadruple profits, when most others only get marginal growth?


Every marketing asset we create for you starts with a purpose. Before a single word is written, and before a single webpage is created, we make sure it’s part of a refined and fluid system. Businesses have marketing assets they are wasting right now. Money is lost with poor lead generation. Poor conversion adds further stress to the bottom line. Neglect to maximize each customer’s value is wasteful. Lack of referral systems and forms of retention merely perpetuate the cycle of lameness, making the “Business Black Hole” seem inescapable.


Lead Generation Loop

This starts with your ideal prospect, matched to the ideal message.  Maybe this leads to a webpage. While other agencies can build you a website (some on the cheap), the money you risk is ongoing. It’s the money you will spend every month driving traffic to the site that counts. If your money was gasoline, it’s the difference between driving a gas guzzler versus a fuel-efficient hybrid. That’s every month, so this better be optimized. Does it make sense if we doubled the number of quality leads, if everything else stayed the same, you’d double your business?

Conversion Loop

People buy from who they trust. This is where you build the trust faster.  “There’s an APP for that” LOL.   Increases in this area compound the effect to your bottom line.  Take your family to Disneyland.

Value Ascension Loop

Maximize the value of your hard-earned buyer.  You already have the customer, what are you doing with them?

Retention Frequency Loop

According to Forbes Magazine, a mere 5% bump in retention can result in as much as a 75% increase in PROFIT.  Still thinking only about “new” customers?

Referral Loop

The second easiest sale you’ll ever make is to someone who was referred to you.  We can make this automatic.  Easily increase the number of “I got a guy…” referrals you get.

We can help you with all 5 areas of your business, at YOUR pace.  You don’t have to tackle it all at one time.  However, steady focus on sharpening all areas has a compounding, exponential effect in your profitability.  Having a fine-tuned “SYSTEM” is an asset that will impact your bottom-line, and add a tangible Marketing Asset that will count in the increase of your company’s valuation. Call us today for a brief conversation of your pre-existing needs, or a strategy session to determine the ideal starting point for you. 1-888-523-1987



Mark Imperial

Chief Marketing Officer, Founder

Problem solver and sales generator for businesses and professional service providers. Mark helps them get ideal, pre-screened, and pre-sold clients and customers using hassle-free direct response marketing. Clients work with Mark either through 1-on-1 consulting; small group coaching; or done-for-you services. He shares his marketing addiction through his books, speaking, and his weekly Chicago radio show MAD ROCKET Business. His clients and students include some,of the world’s most famous brands, service companies, doctors, financial service providers, other professionals in private practice, and marketing executives just to name a few. Mark’s specialties are Experiential Marketing, Authority Marketing, Information Publishing, Prospect Engagement, Sales Conversion, Retention, and Referrals. His tools for engagement range from traditional offline media to digital media including Teleseminars, Webinars, Social Media, and Video, just to name a few.

Clients and business owners can join him at his live events representing  MAD ROCKET and his Dan Kennedy/GKIC chapter in the suburbs of Chicago. Mark has co-authored a number of business books. Co-Authored with Dan Kennedy, he wrote “The Ultimate Success Secret”. In the wedding industry, Mark is the author of “The Ultimate Wedding Reception”. For DJs and Entertainers, Mark is the founder of EntertainerProfits.com and DJsEdgeInsider.com.


Co-Authored with Dan Kennedy, he wrote “The Ultimate Success Secret”. In the wedding industry, Mark is the author of “The Ultimate Wedding Reception”.

Photos of Mark with Celebrities and Events

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mark_muaythaiWhen Mark isn’t working, he juices vegetables, is a Karate black belt, and trains in Muay Thai Kickboxing. He lives in the suburbs of Chicago with a pug named Otis and a French Bulldog named Sadie. His favorite foods are Thai, Vietnamese, and Mexican, and his favorite TV show is infomercials.

Nat Jones

Executive Creative Director, Founder

Mark’s partner and digital ninja,  with 20 years of  360 marketing experience with a focus on digital marketing. Nat has worked on large brands building effective and efficient programs that gain audiences and creates profit. Nat’s Client list include everything form package goods to technology products, Cox,  Sharpie, KFC, Motorola, AT&T, MetLife, HP, SCJ, Compaq,  and Kraft are a sample of the some of the brands Nat has worked on. 

Nat’s experience is unique because of the multiple types of business he has worked on, everything from markers, household cleaning products to mobile phones. Nat’s principles of marketing are based on understanding culture, data and relevancy. Business need to know and understand how they truly fit into consumers lives in order to truly communicate and sale their products. 

Nat stays up to date with  current digital trends and practices by working as a VP Digital Creative for one of the largest Advertising Companies in the world.  Nat is huge believer in practice what you preach and also somewhat of a fitness guru. In 2009, Nat launched a YouTube channel called 60dayswithnatjones. The channel content focuses on fitness and product reviews. To date, Nat has created 100 plus videos, with 2,500,000 total views and 6000 plus subscribers.  When Nat is not working he enjoys spending time with his family and is a Karate  black belt.